1.     Will I have to take a test to be certified?

Yes; (It is optional) After working in the field for 2 years, you may take a test  to become certified; however it is not necessary in Spokane or most cities in the Northwest.

 2.   How much money can I make as a Dental Assistant?      

 The average wage for entry level chair-side assistants in Spokane is $18-$20+ per hour.

3.    Do you provide job placement?

 No; however I do my best to connect you with offices who contact me or I hear are looking for new staff.  I’ve been working in the dental field in Spokane since 1988.

 4.  How much time should I prepare to study outside of class?

 Each student’s studies can vary.  It should only take about 2 hours each week of reading and answering chapter questions required for the following Saturday.  Additional studying is optional.

 5.  Can I work another job while attending school?         

 Absolutely, this is why I’ve chosen to hold classes on Saturdays so you can keep your full time or part time job while learning a new career.

 6.  Is financial aid available? 

 Yes, River City School of  Dental Assisting is approved  through  Washington Career  Bridge to be on the state’s  Eligible Training Provider  List.

You can apply at Spokane Work Source 130 S. Arthur St.  Phone: 509- 532-3000  Fax: 509- 532-3160